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Natural Horsemanship Study Guide -- 400+ pages illustrated with 3 DVDs
  Please click the link on the left for more details.  $49.00 plus postage

DVD and NOTES SETS:    $25.00 each set plus postage

*  Learning Universal Horse Language
For anyone who would like to establish a mutual
   bond with their horse without the use of halters, ropes,
   small round pens or picaderos.  This is also included as
   a full chapter and DVD in the book above.

*  Getting Started with Clicker Training Your Horse
For anyone who would like to explore the magic
    of positive reinforcement. Includes info cards to take
    out with you to your horse.

*  29+ Ways to Ask Your Horse to Back Up
Plus a clear introduction to positive reinforcement.

*  Building Your Horse's Hind End
A large selection of ground work activities to keep
   your horse supple, agile and interested.

*  Walking with Horses
Ideas to make your horse a lovely, polite
   walking companion.  We walk our dogs,
   why not our horses? 

* Trailer Loading with Positive Reinforcement
Shows a series of tasks to build the magic
   secret language between horse and handler
   so that we can have confident conversations
   about where we would like the horse to put
   his feet.  The trailer becomes just one more
   obstacle to play with. Two DVDs with this one.

* Arcs, Curves and Circles
   Circles are both the best and the worst things
   we can do with our horse.  This is full of ideas
   to make gymnastic exercises with arcs, curves
   and circles fun for the horse and the handler.

*  Teaching Long-Reining with Positive Reinforcement
   This breaks long-reining into its smallest teachable
   parts.  Then it shows Smoky going through the
   initial learning process and Boots demonstrating
   some of the finer points.

*  Harness Horse/Pony Preparation using Positive Reinforcement
   Goes through the stages of developing the horse's
   confidence to wear harness, hitch up and pull the cart
   at home in a controlled situation using the skills of
   equine clicker training.

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