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Clicker Training
Article: Using Food

The link below relates to chapter 3 in the book: Learning International
Horse Language via Horse Herd Harmonics

*  Getting Started with Clicker Training Your Horse
For anyone who would like to explore the magic
    of positive reinforcement.

*  29+ Ways to Ask Your Horse to Back Up
Plus a clear introduction to positive reinforcement / equine clicker training

*  Building Your Horse's Hind End
A large selection of ground work activities to keep
   your horse supple, agile and interested

Walking with Horses
Demonstrations an actual lessons outline ways to help your horse become a lovely
polite, bold walking companion.  A few of the many reasons why we might not ride
our horse are:  Horse too young or old, current or past injury, too small, needs to get
used to the wider world, needs the exercise to stay healthy, no enough time to ride.
Includes 22 pages of notes with details about each activity.

Trailer Loading with Positive Reinforcement (2 DVD set for NZD 30.00)
   The first DVD looks at a series of tasks that allow us to build the language between
ourselves and the horse by learning skills we will need to be bold with the trailer. 
The second deals with the trailer itself, as just one more fun obstacle to play with.

Arcs, Curves & Circles
   All about teaching flexion on both sides of the body to enable straightness. 
Lots of ideas to make gymnastic exercises with arcs, curves and circles fun for
the horse and the handler.

Teaching Long-Reining with Positive Reinforcement
   This set breaks long-reining into its smallest teachable parts.  It shows Smoky
going through the initial learning process and Boots demonstrating some of the
finer points.

Harness Horse/Pony Preparation using Positive Reinforcement
   This set goes through the stages of developing the horse's confidence to wear
her harness, hitch up, and pull a cart at home in controlled situations.

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